Why Should You Hire a Professional Videographer for Your Website and Marketing?

Videographer holding gimble with the sun setting in the background.
Austin Evans September 19, 2019

Why Should You Hire a Professional Videographer for Your Website and Marketing?

“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” –Robert Weiss

When was the last time you scrolled through your Instagram feed and didn’t see a video ad? How about your Facebook feed? If you’ve recently watched a video on YouTube, chances are you were forced to watch a video advertisement before being able to view the video you clicked on.

There’s no denying that video has become one of the leading forms of marketing across many platforms. Today it is imperative to have professional video, especially for your website and ads.

But can’t you just take your own videos with your phone? In certain cases, that is totally fine. But for any videos for your website and ads, you should really hire a professional videographer.

Here are 3 main traits that help make video professional and useful for digital marketing.

1. High quality

First of all, a professional video will have high-quality visuals as well as crisp, clear audio. A video with low image quality and indistinguishable audio will hurt your company more than it will help. Capturing stunning video and audio requires expensive, hard-to-use gear.

Newsflash! Just because Apple has commercials that were “Shot On iPhone” doesn’t mean that your smartphone is a viable substitute for a professional videographer.

2. Smooth editing

Editing quality can make or break your video’s story. Professional video will flow well and draw more attention to the content of the video instead of the editing. But bad editing will be a major distraction from the main point of the video. Trust me, nobody wants to watch a video with random, choppy cuts. Terrible editing can be just as harmful to your video as ugly lighting and fuzzy audio.

3. Represents your company

A professional video will ultimately be a representation of you and your company. If the videos on your website look like a home movie from the ‘90s, you can imagine how customers will view your company. If you want to be seen as a company that is professional, up to date, and talented, why would you ever use amateur videography for your website or marketing?

Make a good impression with professional video

There’s a place for raw, unedited phone videos. But for your website and ads, you’ll want professional video. Getting good quality shots, audio, and editing will help set you apart from your competitors.